Posture 101


This is the yoga class I always needed but never found!  

I wish it had been the first yoga class I ever took, and consider it indispensable for anyone concerned about their posture.

 I think it’s so important that I invite new students to attend the first class for free!  

Try it, and see if you like it. Contact me to register for your free first class.

If stand up straight” is not so easy anymore, 

break out of slump land with a

Posture Coach.

Do you have “text neck”,

“forward head syndrome”,

or “iHunch”?

Woman text messaging in park

When you catch your reflection in a store window, are you a little surprised at your image?

You’re not alone.

Modern life conspires against good posture. 

Young and old, we spend our days sitting at desks, in cars, staring at computers, all causing an epidemic of back and neck problems.  

Our society has “forward head syndrome” and we’re ruining our spines.  

brody head forward

Our spines have also lost their natural curves, replaced by a wide variety of abnormal curves, including a flat neck, hunched upper back (kyphosis), jutting forward of the head (“forward head”), sway in the lower back (lordosis), and scoliosis.

Hunching also strains the back muscles, causing them to overstretch and become weak. 

The chest collapses,

compressing the heart, lungs, and diaphragm. 

These extreme curves contribute to many painful problems —

muscle strain, joint pain, disk problems, shallow breathing, tension, depression, headaches, and more severe medical problems.

This class offering is based on:

~  Neuro-Muscular Programming, a proven technique of repetition to correct dysfunctional movement.

~  15 years of on-going research plus experimentation on myself and transforming my body. (starting with terrible posture and 35 years of chronic neck and back pain from a traumatic injury).

~  9 years of teaching Bluebird Yoga Classes:

Therapeutic Yoga for Healthy Backs;  Stiff Guy Yoga;  Yoga for Posture 101;  Yoga for Arthritis;  Gentle Core Yoga


Anatomy and Asanas (A Magical Mystery Anatomy Tour); Yoga for Low Back Therapy;  Anatomy and Back Care; Free Yourself from Pain.

Participants learn: 

  • life-long skills to maintain a strong, flexible, and supple back for good posture
  • good posture basics – how to stand, sit, and walk properly
  • how-to strengthen the core muscles to support your aching back
  • how-to re-align the spine to neutral
  • how-to develop healthy movement patterns and range of motion 
  • how-to release stiffness and holding patterns that keep you “stuck” in pain
  • how-to change the relationship between your spine and your computer and phone

What class participants say:

~  Your courses (Healthy Back, Posture 101 and Arthritis) have taught me that going to the ‘Y’ a few days a week and taking long walks, while good things, are simply not enough to help ensure good health as I get older. Everything you teach, explain and demonstrate makes sense because of your explanation of the human anatomy. Put differently, the poses and exercises make sense and progress can be seen and felt almost immediately. As a result they are easy to incorporate into one’s daily life, not as a chore, but as something I look forward to. My posture has improved dramatically and my flexibility has improved noticeably. My upper and lower back is stronger and, while I may never to return to my college weight, I have returned to my college height, thanks to Yoga For Posture!  Bob Mancuso

~   First, thanks for teaching this class.  I’ve tried yoga in the past (with the urging of my wife), and found it unappealing.  Your class is different in that your focus is on posture.  Mine has been slipping with age, but now I see hope.    Chuck Fink, Men’s Wisdom Works 

~   Annelise has make us aware of our posture, how important it is to us as we become older, and has guided us in improving it.  A totally worthwhile class!  Plus, a lot of fun, she inspired good class participation.

~  For the first time in many attempts, I found the right yoga course (Yoga for Posture 101) and the right teacher.  This was so much better in that I was able to focus on a specific body region.  The exercises/movements Annelise sent us were priceless for our being able to continue the regime.

    JUNE 11, 2019 — A 6-week workshop Posture 101 begins at OLLI at UNCA (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute).  Another 8-week Posture 101 workshop to begin soon.

Her weekly semi-private classes (3-student limit) are held at her beautiful Bluebird Studios.

For additional information, contact Annelise here with questions and phone number.

Adaptive poses are presented, and everyone is encouraged to respect their body and move at their own level. Beginners welcome.

If you have undergone trauma, suffered an injury, surgery, or simply want to find release and relief — get back in action with these classes!