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  • Improve postural alignment and “forward-head” 
  • Strengthen weak muscles; develop core support for your aching back
  • Identify and release stiffness and holding patterns that keep you “stuck” in pain
  • Develop healthy movement patterns and range of motion to alleviate “text-neck”
  • Safely and effectively treat chronic pain and inflammation
  • Link the flow of your breath with the movement of your spine to calm your nervous system

The results?  Renewed energy, increased health and happiness, confidence, well-being, and self-awareness. . .

About Annelise

Annelise (Ann Elizabeth Mundy) C-IAYT developed Bluebird Yoga, a unique practice that restored her health and healed her chronic pain.

As someone who understands how to align the mind-body connection, she now offers you the opportunity to heal yourself!

I am honored to announce I’ve been accepted as a certified yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists! August, 2017

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~   Thank you Annelise for changing my life — for introducing me to the world of yoga; for helping me relieve my back pain, improving my overall structure and balance, and helping me breathe, relax, and meditate.

~   My flexibility has improved noticeably. My upper and lower back is stronger and, while I may never to return to my college weight, I have returned to my college height, thanks to Yoga For Posture!

~   You have provided me more tools for my “toolbox” so I can continue to age with grace & dignity.

~   A combination of a lot of little things seem to add up to a lot less back pain!