Sometimes I offer “Stiff Guy Yoga”. If you’re interested, contact me here.

Are you a stiff old guy? Or do you know someone who suffers from being inflexible?

You know, tight hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, or pain in the neck? Can’t touch your toes? You may even be a younger guy on his way to becoming a stiff old guy. You try to avoid thinking about it, until you see some old guy in the mirror with bad posture and realize it’s you!

You’ve read that LeBron James, Vernon Davis, Ray Lewis, Evan Longoria, Victor Cruz, and other professional athletes use yoga as a cross-training tool.   But even if most of your game playing is lifting a brew, Stiff Guy Yoga will help you. Let’s face it.  A lot of you guys are as flexible as a telephone pole, but you’re in good company, because you represent the majority of the population!

Still feel intimidated and anxious just thinking about walking into a yoga class and seeing all those supple yoginis smiling as they twist into a pretzel?  You already feel the pain, right?

Never fear!  This practice created by Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Annelise Mundy, meets you where you areYou may never be able to touch your fingers to your toes, but you have the ability to increase your level of flexibility, regardless of the level at which you start, because nobody is too
 stiff for this class.


In this introductory series, designed for guys of all ages and fitness levels, you will learn:

~ physical exercises for flexibility, posture, and pain relief

~ how to stretch correctly — based on biomedical research

~ poses that are broken down into easy sequential steps with clear, concise instruction

~ a practice using proven concepts of nuero-muscular reprogramming

~ breathing techniques to calm and center you

~ to accept your body in a fun, unthreatening environment