Six-week course.  November 14 – December 19, 2016

Mondays, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Note: Registration is required for everyone attending the series.  I invite new students to attend the first class for free!  Try it, and see if you like it. Contact me to register for the first class free.     $18 drop-in fee, only for those who have completed a class series with Annelise.


Got pain?

If you experience either occasional aches, cricks, spasms, sciatica, or chronic back or neck pain, this series is for you.  You will alleviate pain, strengthen your core, re-align your spine to neutral, release back tension, and find lasting relief from chronic discomfort.

Got no pain?

This unique class is popular for maintaining a pain-free lifestyle while focusing on your passions — like gardening, running, biking, or being captivated by the computer’s glow!   You will develop abdominal strength to take some work off your back, and find proper alignment in and out of the studio — like correct posture for standing, sitting, bending, and low back care.

Annelise has seamlessly integrated techniques from Viniyoga, Subtle Yoga, Forrest Yoga, The Thinking Body – The Feeling Mind, Energy Medicine, Dr. Baxter Bell, and others. When possible, this former TV producer uses anatomy to help participants visualize from the inside out.

You will:

  • Learn life-long skills to create and maintain a flexible and supple spine, and prevent future pain and strain.  “You are as young as your spine is flexible”.
  • Practice breathing and meditation techniques to renew energy for overall well-being, cultivate the relaxation response, improve mood, combat anxiety and depression, and enhance the cardio-vascular and nervous systems.

This practice features therapeutic postures from the Viniyoga tradition, focusing on integrated breath (pranayama) and postures (asana) for optimal health, healing and beyond.  Viniyoga is the evidenced-based yoga for chronic low-back pain, as proven in the National Institutes of Health study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The breath-centric practice uses neuro-muscular programming, where dysfunctional patterns are re-wired by repetitions designed to carve new neuro-muscular pathways, awakening the sense acuity pathways and creating a new way of movement.

Adaptive poses are presented, and everyone is encouraged to respect their body and move at their own level. Beginners welcome.

If you have undergone trauma, suffered a back injury, surgery, or simply want to find release and relief — get back in action with this class!

Contact Annelise with any questions.

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