Bob Mancuso

Your courses (Healthy Back, Posture 101 and Arthritis) have taught me that going to the ‘Y’ a few days a week and taking long walks, while good things, are simply not enough to help ensure good health as I get older. The beauty of your courses is your ability to provide a physical, anatomical underpinning to what you teach, perhaps because of your own recovery from major physical trauma. Everything you teach, explain and demonstrate makes sense because of your explanation of the human anatomy.

Put differently, the poses and exercises make sense and progress can be seen and felt almost immediately. As a result they are easy to incorporate into one’s daily life, not as a chore, but as something I look forward to. My posture has improved dramatically and my flexibility has improved noticeably. My upper and lower back is stronger and, while I may never to return to my college weight, I have returned to my college height, thanks to Yoga For Posture!  Thanks Annelise.