I took Annelise’s “Yoga for Posture 101″ series in 2017.  It was my first yoga ever.  I moved to Asheville several months before and was going to a number of new different physicians who, as a new patient, measured my height at 5′ 2½”. After six weeks of work with Annelise, my height measured 5′ 3½”.

Soon after the class ended, I went to a pulmonologist for a second time and found that my breathing capacity went from 65% to 85%.  The doctor asked what I thought accounted for the significant increase.  The only thing I did differently in the intervening time was to practice Annelise’s unique breathing exercises that obviously increased both my lung capacity and the ease with which I breathed.

Long story – short: after six weeks working with Annelise, I stood straighter and taller and breathed more easily. Her understanding of how an older body functions and her ability to adapt exercises and poses to rejuvenate an aging body has greatly increased the quality of my life.