Susanna Phillips Davis, Written in honor of Annelise Mundy’s talents in the healing arts!

You’ve brought a kind of joy into the lives of men and women who need a push to win their bodies back – the kind of joy which yoga seeks – not confined to simple bliss, but rather a deeper, calmer and more balanced joy.  We stand beside you with our roots sunk deep into Mother Earth.

This journey within the whole of being, whole again is found.  You as healer, never forgetting to tend the pain before it goes away.  We say goodbye to all that strays or suffers needlessly.  We can once again embrace the selfless vessel that holds our breath and beat. 

You stand in an honor place, up front before us, while we sway in our own imbalance, made whole again from less than perfect health. We all are not a perfect blend.  You gift us with the energy you make before us.  Bring your courage to reach out with a healing touch, touching each one of us with other ways of seeing, of looking, of being.  It’s understanding.  It’s close to finding calm.  

And we are grateful.

And we remember you.

 Even Homer’s hymns cannot explain this special gift you bring to our new ears and eyes and toes.  From crown to feet and back again.

 And we remember you.