Private Sessions

Annelise is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and offers one-on-one, individualized Yoga Therapy sessions.  If you want to start a yoga practice, or focus on a specific health challenge, don’t opt for a one-size-fits-all workout. Traditionally yoga was taught one-to-one. The teacher could give their undivided attention, carefully observing the student and teaching what was appropriate to the moment. Private yoga is invaluable for students of all levels and experience.  For an in-depth overview of private sessions, click here.

Posture 101

Modern life conspires against good posture, causing “text neck” and “head forward syndrome.”  If “stand up straight” is not so easy anymore, break out of “slump land” with the help of posture coach Annelise Mundy.  For an in-depth overview of this class, click here.

Therapeutic Yoga for Healthy Backs

Got pain?   If you experience either occasional aches, cricks, spasms, sciatica, or chronic back or neck pain, this series is for you. You will alleviate pain, strengthen your core, re-align your spine to neutral, release back tension, and find lasting relief from chronic discomfort.

Got no pain?  This unique class is popular for maintaining a pain-free lifestyle while focusing on your passions — like gardening, running, biking, or being captivated by the computer’s glow!  For an in-depth overview of this class, click here.

Currently not offered.

Stiff Guy Yoga 

Are you a stiff old guy?  Or do you know someone who suffers from being inflexible?  For an in-depth overview of this class, click here.

Currently not offered.

Yoga for Arthritis 

Do you have symptoms of arthritis, including stiff joints, inflammation or pain? Arthritis creates challenges for everyday movement, and pain is one of the most common reasons for limiting physical activity. However, people with arthritis who exercise regularly have less pain, more energy and improved sleep. We will explore how yoga may help reverse this chronic condition, change our habitual patterns of behavior and learn new ways to move.  This is a beginner yoga course that combines mindful movement with a full range of motion to strengthen our body’s healing process. For best results, participants should be willing to do a five-minute daily home practice. 

Currently not offered.