John Frederick, Chef, Age 31

Thank you Ann for changing my life — for introducing me to the world of yoga; for helping me relieve my back pain, improving my overall structure and balance, and helping me breathe, relax, and meditate.

I am a cook.  I work hard and use my back a lot.  My back hurt so badly that I could not sit, lie down, or stand still.  I walked, ran, danced, and played with my two-year old son who was on my shoulders a lot.   I stopped picking him up, even when he would hold his hands up and say “dance”. 

 It was heartbreaking.  I’d tried acupuncture, new bed, shoes, ice, heat, and stretching.  My chiropractor gave great relief, but it only lasted a few days per adjustment.  Nothing was helping, and frankly, I was scared — scared of surgery, scared of a life of pain, scared my posture hurt me in every movement I made.

 I’d heard about Ann’s healthy back class, but had never taken a yoga class.  So nervous and in pain, I walked into an almost full class, with one open spot in the front.  I missed the announcement in the beginning of class “if it hurts don’t do it”.  Everything hurt, even child’s pose, but IT FELT RIGHT.  I knew it was right.  After class I rushed to work.  Getting in my car was wincingly painful, and although work was painful, I was in really good spirits.  I knew that in spite of the pain; I was on the right track. 

 My back is not 100% yet, but I have no fear.  I rarely need pain meds.  I practice yoga at home, and am trying to fit more classes into my incredibly full schedule of baby and work.