Kathleen G. Johnson, Mediator and Attorney

Ann Mundy really knows what she is talking about!  I have been going to her classes/seminars for a few years now.  I find myself performing routine tasks and think “What would Ann say” about what I was doing.  I know her instructions really help me.  Not only do I feel GREAT after each class, the fact that she focuses on how her methods and techniques can be applied to everyday situations allows me to feel SO much better on a daily basis.

For example, if I want to pick something up, I bend my knees.  If I’m doing a forward fold from a standing position, I find myself placing my hands between my torso and my legs so I bend from my hips and not my waist and am not afraid to bend my knees.  I find myself avoiding forward folds from a seated floor position, as I think how Ann Mundy wouldn’t think this was a good idea.  In general, I have become very aware of not locking my knees.

I am currently going for my teachers certification.  Whenever possible, I like to go to her classes in order to get my muscles reprogrammed so that they naturally perform the correct moves.  Whether it’s your neck, back or related, her exercises really make you feel great!