Roxie Zusmer

I recently took Annelise Mundy’s Bluebird Yoga (Yoga for Posture 101) series on Olli Zoom. What a difference it has made!  My posture is so improved!!  My husband was constantly nagging me to stand up straight, sit up straight … for 53 years. (He didn’t dare do it year one!)  She showed us anatomy so I have a better understanding of my anatomy and body structure which helps me to visualize what I am doing to correct my posture. Throughout, Annelise was informative and helpful, clearly showing us what to do and teaching us why we should do it.

Doing becomes habit. I no longer hear from my husband. Now, instead, I tell him to stand up straight and give him some pointers. (I think he’d do better taking Annelise’s class!).

I most highly recommend to others to take Annelise’s Yoga for Posture class. If you could only see how straight I’m sitting while typing this note!